Sep 21, 2015

Death OK: Let's Talk About It! October 17, Reed College, Portland, OR

Being Present with Death: Caring for Yourself and Loved Ones During the Dying Process

Death:OK (Let’s Talk About It) is a day of inspiration, information, and connection taking place October 17, 2015 on the campus of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  As part of an ongoing series profiling our presenters, we’re pleased to introduce you to…

Lisa Bordner, CT, CST, ACPF, LMT, presenting “Being Present with Death: Caring for Yourself and Loved Ones During the Dying Process.”

This is an experiential workshop on end of life care for caregivers, practitioners, families and community, focusing on interactive discourse and practical tools for bringing more ease and integration to the death and dying process.
In this workshop we will look at ways to increase self-care and alleviate caregiver burnout through Somatic Resourcing – using hands-on self-directed exercises and resources to support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being while increasing one’s capacity to provide compassionate end of life care with greater resilience and presence for our loved ones and ourselves.
Included in the course will be:
  • Interactive discussion including personal experiences, questions and perspectives on death and the dying process
  • Death awareness – What is a ‘good death’ to you?
  • Sensory and Somatic Awareness exercises – Noticing and accessing ease in the body
  • Sympathetic Breathing techniques to ease transition for those actively dying
  • Creative Self-Expression – A multi-sensory tool kit
  • DIY Self-Care reminder cards to take home
Lisa Bordner, CT, CST, ACPF, LMT is an ADEC Certified Thanatologist and Somatic Resource Practitioner who has provided care, support and education for hundreds of patients and families at end of life.  After the sudden death of her father in 1998, Lisa travelled the globe with a passionate curiosity for discovering different cultural perspectives on living and dying.   Since then, she has worked in hospice and palliative care as a comfort and complementary therapist, patient care and volunteer coordinator, community educator, patient liaison, advance care planning facilitator, and healthcare advocate.  Now in private practice specializing in somatic therapies and education for those seeking integrated wellness and end of life care, she brings a practical, humane yet engaging approach to supporting the provision of quality end of life care with compassion and resilience.

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