Jan 26, 2016

Caring for Yourself & Others During the Dying Process
Instructor:  Lisa Bordner, CT, ACPF, CST, LMT

GRN239  End of Life Practices, Gerontology Program
CRN17553, Winter Term, 2016
Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus
Class Meetings:  Friday, February 26 & Friday, March 11, 2016, 9:00am - 2:20pm
This course on end of life care practices for caregivers and practitioners will explore ways of bringing more ease and integration to death to the dying process.   Using interactive discourse, experiential exercises and practical tools, we’ll be looking at ways to increase our capacity to provide compassionate end of life care with greater resilience and presence.

Included will be:
  • An overview of death and the dying process
  • A view from the patient’s perspective
  • Understanding patient needs at end of life
  • The value of observation:  recognizing physical, emotional & spiritual pain
  • Dealing with anxiety, overwhelm and behavioral issues
  • An overview of comfort care:  integrated and holistic practices
  • Self-care tools to alleviate caregiver burnout
About the Instructor:
Lisa Bordner, CT, ACPF, CST, LMT is an ADEC Certified Thanatologist, End of Life Educator and Consultant, and Somatic Therapist.  Having provided hands-on care, education and advocacy for hundreds of patients at end of life, Lisa brings a practical, humane and engaging approach to training and supporting caregivers and practitioners in providing exemplary care.  For more information, visit lisabordner.com.